Panama Health Project

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Panama Health Project (PHP) is preparing for its journey in early May. This year, apart from doing a medical blitz in a prison and a women's centre, we will also be bringing a special project that will surely be useful to the MUCEC women's centre.  Partnering with "Days for Girls", and the efforts of the ever-henerous parishioners of St. Edmund of Canterbury's time and talent, we are creating kits for many women for feminine hygiene purposes. The ideas is that many of these desperately poor girls and women do not have the resources to deal with their monthly periods. As a result, they miss out on life, and education, putting them at further risk of remaining in the cycle of poverty. Since MUCEC in Colon is all about educating, nourishing, empowering, health and skill-building, we thought it appropriate to bring these sustainable kits.

By creating these beautiful, durable, practical kits, we are uplifting these women's dignity and giving them hope.  By teaching them the skill to make these kits, we hope to empower them, that they may work together and possibly build a small business.
These are women helping women: from our home at St Edmund's, to theirs in Colon.  Thanks to all the volunteers who came out to support this initiative, and for being living examples of the Gospel.
If you would like to contribute to the upcoming trip in a meaningful way, we would gratefully accept donations of:
  • girls/women's cotton under ware (bright or patterned)
  • dark coloured washcloths
  • double-sealed freezer durable 10" x 12" ziplock bags
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