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Saint Edmund of Canterbury

105 Boulevard Beaconsfield,
Beaconsfield, QC
H9W 3Z8
Telephone: (514) 695-7100
FAX: (514) 695-7333

Parish Contacts

Pastor: Fr. Thomas Delorme

Assistant: Fr. Jessie V. Dimafilis

Family Faith Office
Jan Burchell
Catherine LoVasco
Joanne Murray

St. Edmund of Canterbury Wardens

A Chuchwarden is defined as a parishioner elected as a director or administrator of a civil and religious corporation that owns material goods for the purpose of facilitating the practice of the Roman Catholic religion.

Frank Biringer
Seana Brisse
Valerie Fisher
Arlene Jaggers
Kevin Kaiser
Edgar Maloney

St. Edmund of Canterbury

Parish Council

The Parish Council is a group of parishioners from different aspects of parish life who have been called together to discuss ways of improving the life of all parishioners.

Fr. Tom Delorme
Mary Biringer
Silvia dos Santos
Maureen Glover
Joanne Murray
Philomena Netto
Ann-Margaret Porcelli
Tony Saroli
Jack Zylak

How to Find Us

By Bus

Parish Boundaries

All of Beaconsfield (Beaurepaire), Kirkland-South of Trans Canada Highway 40, Pointe Claire-South of tracks and West of Boulevard St. Jean.